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Agatha's advice

Agathe Verrier , physiotherapist in Châteaudun, reveals some valuable advice...

The cocoon is made to surround your baby so that he finds the permanence of the contact he had in his mother's womb.    

This soft swaddling does not prevent the movement of the baby but contains it in a reassuring position. Often small compared to the baby bed in which he will sleep, the cocoon gives him the contact necessary for a gentle sleep.

The position in flexion that the cocoon allows is essential for its motor development in the first six months of its life. Indeed, it is thanks to the bending that he will make his first reversals.  This flexion is also an anti-colic position often necessary for digestion without crying.

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Bébé apaisé dans son cocon, un sommeil paisible sans réveil de sursaut.

Position your baby in flexion and install him gently in his cocoon. The edge of the cocoon rolls up naturally.

You can
  roll the edges so that the baby's head is clear at birth.

You will then unroll the cocoon according to

of its growth and size.

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The edge of the cocoon is made to hold the baby's arms so that he has easy access to his fingers, the first important phase of discovering his close environment!

Finally, the cocoon facilitates many moments in the life of an infant, but it is also necessary that your baby spends several moments a day on his stomach from birth.
The flat stomach position, accompanied by the parent first on the changing table, then on the awakening mat, is necessary for his future motor skills and for his psychomotor learning.

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Bébé endormi dans un cocon écru, en laine mérinos 100%.

During the first three months of the baby's life, moments in the arms of his parents or against the skin of his parent are important so that the baby can make his acquisitions without "seeking" the presence of his parent.
He will then quickly play alone on the awakening mat from his 3 months, if he is not worried.

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