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Gwenaëlle nous parle du cocon...
Le témoignage d'une Maman :-)

Bébé endormi dans son cocon en laine mérinos de couleur écru.

The cocoon bought yesterday is already adopted by Jules! It is a success ! He who couldn't bear to sleep alone anymore (Moro's reflex after putting him to bed and having to make him sleep on top of me so that he would be comfortable),

he has just spent the whole night in his co-sleeper, apart from feedings!

It's a big hit and the best night for me in 5 weeks !

Many thanks for your work!

Laurie N., Mom of Jules

Bébé endormi dans son cocon bleu canard.

The birth cocoon was our essential during the first months of Basil's life. It dampened his Moro reflex allowing him to feel safe almost like in my womb. He accompanied her during naps and at night. Merino wool being thermoregulatory, my baby was never too cold or too hot (even in the middle of summer in the PACA region!)
I recommend 100% for all babies from birth.
Tip: Imbue the cocoon with your scent and let the magic happen!
Thank you for giving her a smooth transition!

Eva G. , Basil's mother

Bébé a accès à ses mains dans son cocon de naissance.

A real pleasure to knit, to redo without hesitation!! 
I work in a crèche and I wanted to test it at the beginning of the year on a breastfed baby who had just arrived and who until then had not left his mother and lived close together with her night and day. The cocoon really made him feel secure and soothed!
I “promoted” it at the crèche, to be continued… 
I am totally convinced of the effect of this cocoon and will recommend it to anyone who might be interested!

Cécile, early childhood professional

Le cocon rassure bébé et lui procure une permanence de contact.

 "  Agathe a thousand thanks 😊, so happy tonight to have managed to make this cocoon for one

premature baby who will be so good there!

Your video tutorial is perfect! Thanks very much!

First knit in circular and also in magic loop, and first twist! »

Laura, health professional and mother of 3 children

Le cocon peut s'utiliser hiver comme été, car la laine mérinos retient la chaleur et l'humidité.

Hello Olivia and Agathe, Thomas and Agathe sent me photos of Constance
born on November 14 nestled in her cocoon.  She never leaves him! Her mum loves it too...
A cocoon that makes a lot of people happy, it's magic <3
Thanks thanks thanks, ! For me it is the first but certainly not the last ;)
Long live my little wool;

Claudie, happy granny

Le cocon facilite grandement le sommeil de bébé sur le dos. Bébé est endormi sur le dos.

Here is my baby, born on Wednesday, in the cocoon I knitted for him thanks to your kit. He has already adopted it, his little hands well maintained and warm. We had lots of compliments from the maternity ward staff who thought the concept was really cool, so thank you for this great idea.

Cajaynoline, Instamum

Le cocon existe aussi en kit à tricoter, les torsades sont légèrement différentes

“I bought the pattern and I, who am a beginner, found the explanations very clear!

You did a fantastic job, congratulations and thank you!

The cocoon is just IDEAL! Our little one seems comfortably supported, he moves as he wants,

it's amazing !

Our baby sleeps almost every night with the cocoon and he loves it so much that I decided to do it

for a pregnant friend!”

Meghann, Mom of Ulysses

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